A moment in my shoes – or socks, rather…

Location : My room
Music : Prologue from The Lady in the Water (thank you 00Average and iTunes)
Temperature : Positively freezing. My hands are ice.
Book : Biology
Paragraph last read : However, the characteristics of an organic molecule can be changed dramatically by replacing one of the hydrogens with one or more functional groups, groups of atoms that determine the types of chemical reactions and associations in which the compound participates. Most functional groups readily form associations, such as ionic and hydrogen bonds, with other molecules. Polar and ionic functional groups are hydrophilic because they associate strongly with polar water molecules.
Current Distraction : My head
Current Pet Peeve : My inability to focus on the task at hand….
Current Wish : To be done with school for the day and get outside
Current Favorite Spot : On a broken tree on the bank of the river 40ft or so away from the path


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