Friday’s list :

laundry – hang out on line? I need to check the weather…
fold clothes
get passport at court house
dishes – duh
take out trash…. I hadn’t really realized how much trash I could make by painting a bathroom…
touch up bathroom ceiling with white paint
register for TMA (trained medication assistant) class starting on Wednesday?
spray apple trees – but if it’s too windy, it’ll have to wait
mow lawn
make food for Sunday’s potluck
make dessert for the music discussion
*hopefully* cut out fabric for apron
wash bedding?? I shouldn’t even question that.. I need to
oh, and check to make sure that the fiddler crab named Sebastien hasn’t attacked the rest of the fish…. heh

This obviously isn’t in order….. but things will get done – as long as I get up on time and stay focused. That shouldn’t be too hard considering that I’ll have the house to myself. Even when Dad’s there, he works. It helps him to get things done if I ignore him…. ; )

2 thoughts on “Friday’s list :

  1. I had a fiddler crab once!! ummm…the FISH ate HIM! It was like an episode of mutual of Omaha (go ask your Dad later :D) Good luck on your Susie Homemaker list-kinda fun huh?

  2. fun, yes. But harder than I thought what with the lawn and trees…. serves me right for not spreading all the hard things out.. :)

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