While picking at shrubs…

She watched the car drive away and sighed. As she was turning back, she saw some kids playing in the shrubs. Walking up to one of them, she started to pick at the little beginnings of pine cones. Well, at least that’s what she thought they were…
Crumbling the things between her fingers, she watched in fascination as they turned to dust.
She smiled and turned to one of the girls.
“Hey! Watch this!”
The girl blinked as the dust blew all about her.
“What did that make you think of?”
The girl looked up at the lady with contemplative eyes. “I don’t know.”
The lady smiled down at her. “I was thinking that it could be a type of Pixie Dust to help us get to Faerieland.”
“But there’s no such thing as Faerieland. Faeries don’t exist.”
“You think not?”
“No, of course they don’t.”
“Alright, but – ” she sighed, “I was hoping that you would travel to Faerieland with me.”
The girl looked sad. Then a grin spread across her face. “I suppose that I could go with you. We can pretend.” She called to her younger sister, “Come on! We’re gonna go to Faerieland!”
“That’s the ticket.”three-fairies-tip-toeing-daintily

And the rest is history. Let’s just say that – what with the wings that made noise, the way that faeries must wear purple, green, or pink, and an evil dragon that started to meow at the youngest faerie in the lady’s arms – there will probably be more trips to come.
I love imaginations. : )


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