She numbered us off.
“You- one. Two. One. Two. One. Two….”
We all looked at each other quizzically.
“Alright. Ones – Out in the hall.”
As we walked out, I heard James ask, “What’s going on?”
While we waited, we got to talking and laughing. Then, all of the sudden, “Ok, ones. Twos – put on the blindfolds.”
“Woah. Waitaminute. What’s happening?”
Somebody laughed. “You just wait.”
This wasn’t sounding promising….
Amber led me into the room. We number ones were virtually blind.
“Ok, sit down. Here’s the bed. It’s ok. I’ve got you.” She put a cup in my hand. “Here’s the cup…. for when you need to have something.”
Aha. We were feeding each other. This wouldn’t be so bad.
“Ok, I think this is chocolate. Open up.”
I opened. Chocolate is good, right?
“Yuck! Amber!”
“What?” She was laughing. I scowled.. but of course she couldn’t see my eyes – which are the most communicative part of any person’s face.
“This isn’t -” I wiped my mouth and took a swig of coke. “That’s not Chocolate!”
“What is it? Are you sure?”
“Positive. That’s raisin or prune or something vile.”
“No way! I’m sorry! Ok, open up.”
I did as bidden.
And just about gagged.
“Where’s my cup!? Yuck!”
There it was again. She was practically guffawing. “That was some sort of baby food with veggies and rice in it.”
I could here my other ones pretty much giving the same reaction….
“Open up!”
“Wait, Amber. If that’s the same stuff, no. No. No way.”
She chuckled. “Ok, but, here I promise this’ll be ok. It’s strawberry yogurt.”
Oh, I don’t think that strawberry yogurt has ever tasted that good. EVER.
And then it was our turn. The number twos went out into the hall.
Mrs. N. looked at us and said with a grin, “Ok, guys. You get what they got you, and mix it up. Good. That should be a surprise.”

Ah, the joy and fun of class.

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