Impatient and perhaps a bit too brutally honest.

I was checking out a few blogs today when I saw an advertisement for “Which Austen heroine are you?”

Now, generally I would ignore it and go about my business…. but – whether it was the somewhat late time, or complete randomness, I cannot say.

As I finished it off, I realized that I was a bit taken aback by some of the questions. They were all appropriate, I guess, I just had never considered those questions before.

I clicked on the box to find out who I was….

And apparently, I’m most like Marianne Dashwood.

Now, I must say that I’m wondering whether to bash the computer screen in or to weep…. But, both things would lead to the conclusion that I’m most like her.
I remember telling a friend that I thought that I might be like her, though I wished that I weren’t. They insisted that oh no, indeed, I wasn’t like her.
Well, now I’ve a whole website to support my conclusion….. though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.



3 thoughts on “Impatient and perhaps a bit too brutally honest.

  1. Don’t worry Jen–if you retake the test and skew your answers until you see all the choices–you will find ALL the descriptions fit you pretty well. They write them like that :D I have never seen a single one of those tests that says “you are annoying, open your mouth too much, and need more than a smidgeon of tact-people roll their eyes when they see it is you n the phone”–THAT is the one that would fit MY personality truthfully. I DO like the ones they write for me though :D

  2. You know, it’s ironic, because Antonio decided to help me…. and I wound up being someone else!
    So… you’re right.. it must’ve been really late. : )

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