Pecuniary matters…

Well, this is it. Gone are the days of my youth. Care-free days have passed, and come are the days full of –


I do not mean to sound like I’m the type who hates the idea of growing up, or actual work…

Since becoming a legal adult, my parents have pushed me to get a checking account. This would teach me how to be able to work in the world of money – except that that involves a credit card….

“Get a credit card and pay off the statement with your checks… time to start building your credit.”

Great…… So, that’s what I did. I applied for a “student credit card” and went to the bank today in hopes of getting a “student checking account.”

It all fell together in the past twenty-four hours. I needed, well wanted, to get my payment to the community college for the upcoming Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide class before my first class (the deadline) next Tuesday. My dad declared that that would be the first check that I would write.

So, today, I sat down and filled out my first check (including labeling it because these are the temporary ones before I get my checkbook in the mail next week) for five hundred and ninety-eight and 94/100…

Why do I feel like the first one shouldn’t have been that much?

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