Oh the weather outside is frightfull…

Well, it’s that time of year again. Today, we started shoveling while mom and dad were gone. As the snow continued to fall down, we would look back and realizedscn4784 that the path that we had just finished was covered. Just the other day, we were at the local hardware store, and purchased a new type of shovel (the type with the bent handle) Apparently the shape of the handle is supposed to make the task of shoveling easier.
Well…. besides the fact that it’s too difficult for my short-armed brother, and that the shovel seemed determined that I should pop my elbows the wrong way out – it was fairly convenient.
Then again, the straight-handled shovels can easily be used by short or long-armed people….
I’m all for the old stuff.
Antonio lay in the snow and begged me to bury him. I told him that I had no berries, and that I didn’t think that there could be such a verb as “berry.” How would I do that?
He protested and explained, but no. I wouldn’t move from the tree to save my life. His end answer was, “Fine! I’ll bury you!”
And that’s what he did.


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