Passing it on….

“Quick!” says she as she covers the greater part of her face and sneezes. Too late. “Just throw the Kleenex box over here!”
Well, I’m in for it. That is, I’m having my biannual sickness.
What is it about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that does this to a person? Stress? Materialism? Cold? Family? Lack of sleep? All of the above? Quite a few people are sick, and now I am. All before my flu shot.
Ah well. I wonder how often Southerners get sick this time of year? Or is it just a Yankee thing?
But anyway, this is the way it usually is. I usually have a fairly good “constitution” when everyone else is getting sick during the rest of the year. Not so now. As soon as someone close to me whether family, friend, or foe, gets sick, BAM. I’m left sitting on the couch trying to do my schoolwork and answering my mother’s question with the voice of a sick horse.
Think not that I am complaining. This is the way my life is. In fact, I’m grateful that I’m sick. It gives me a chance to reflect on my healthier times, and how much I take them for granted. I saw many sick in the ER that I worked in, and reveled in the chance to help them. Now I guess that it’s my turn. For my mother is doing the dishes (my chore) for me.
Sickness, though a pain, is good.
But, all ye who know me : Be warned. Lest I should most unfortunately pass it on. : )


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