A New Addition, and An Old Tradition (well, for me at least)


My family decided to get me some tropical fish for my 18th birthday a little over a week ago. This picture isn’t the best, but here is my Maroon Clown Fish, Dominique. (I know, naming a beast is sentimental, but a fish such as this needs a sort of title….. I think)

There are a few more in there that are waiting for their names. Well, I guess that they aren’t waiting – considering that they are fish, but I’m waiting to come up with some other names for them.

This is the back of my door. Some of my younger friends have given me things, and I display them here. Ever since I was little, this was the place to put things that I had drawn, poems that needed memorized for school, etc.. Two of the drawings are mine, though I won’t say which two.The poor horse displayed over my calendar was drawn for me by a girl that I’ve watched for a few times. She handed it to me proudly and said, “My teacher says that I’m the best one in the class to draw horses. Don’t you think I’m really good? I did it just for you.”
Some time later, one of her sisters saw it in my room. She giggled and pointed. “Doesn’t it look weird?”

Ah well, some of us have yet to learn what not to say.

2 thoughts on “A New Addition, and An Old Tradition (well, for me at least)

  1. Very cool fish! A good pic too since salt water has that weird (is it defractive?) quality. There’s just something soothing about an aquarium and it’s sounds. I always wanted a clown or two with an anemone :D knifty name too!

  2. You know, I’m not so sure if it’s “defractive” or not….. one question that I have is, Why, when I replace the filter, does it look like there are itty-bits of fiber glass floating around the tank…. it just doesn’t seem right for the poor fish..

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