No, I can’t possibly. My favorite show’s on.

How many people don’t have a TV?


Ok. That’s what I thought. Very few people do not have one in their house. Movies are a necessity of life these days. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good movie occasionally. Should I? Why should I?

Somebody give me two good reasons. And I mean good. Such as: how they might edify me, help me learn something that I might not learn in a book or by observation. I really can’t think of any, but if somebody can, please let me know.

We used to have a television. We had it till I was twelve. So I can say which way I like it. I enjoy my life so much more without one. I’ve gotten to read much more, not to mention the fact that I learned to truly enjoy reading. I’ve learned what a precious thing my imagination is. And I’ve come to the realization that the people who make TV the way it is make it for the minds of today. Meaning that the shows aren’t hard to understand. Essentially: for stupid people.

I find that slightly offensive. But very few people actually see this.


One thought on “No, I can’t possibly. My favorite show’s on.

  1. TV is actually VERY useful–for teaching one what one NEEDS and how one NEEDS to dress and what to eat for breakfast and how absolutely inane authority figures of any kind (but most especially male) are. How ELSE could you make your greed letter to the North Pole? Imagine how difficult it is to teach a 3 year old to laugh at questionable innuendo w/o a steady sitcom diet. I also greatly enjoy my TV free days–and it’s the first thing I turn on when we are in a hotel room–she’s a difficult mistress to leave behind.

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