That *points* other side.

Why on such a day would I feel this way?

Latin, which I might say that I’ve bombed, and am trying to get back up on the horse, was extraordinarily difficult today. It took me forever to finally think that I got the questions right. I hope. While trying to translate a sentence about a mediocre wine that the people would never try with fear of death, my mother looked at me and started to speak.

Grumpily I took off one side of my headphones and glared at her. “I can’t focus!!”
She looked at me apologetically. “Sorry.”

I said nothing an went back to my work. I don’t think that I’ve been this frustrated for a long time. Not to mention that when I get that way, I’m easily irritated for a good chunk of the day. Thank goodness for my mother who understands and knows that it’s “nothing personal.”

I’m obviously doing better now. I get to go to a concert tomorrow night in one of the big cities. Who says I’m a city girl? I’m a small town girl. : )


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