Infatuated with the foreigners

She plopped down next to me on the front step and started to vigorously chew her watermelon-flavored gum.
“Hey. How’s it going?”
She looked at me. What was that look for? O.K. so I was trying to get a hold of my friend on my cell phone. Did my greeting sound as disconnected as I felt? I really hadn’t meant it that way.
She proceeded to tell me about the scrapbook page that she had finished and something else that she had for me that was on its way from her dad’s house. My mind drifted. What should I read next for fun? The Three Musketeers? Mansfield Park? Then again.. I needed a refresher course in The Chronicles of Narnia……
I looked up. Someone had just ridden by on a bike. By now, I was just senselessly clicking through my pictures. I want to put that one CD on…… I wonder if it would work in the DVD player…
I gulped. “Who was that?”
She sighed in an important knowing way.
“Jenn,” she said with a condescending flourish, then in a hushed, awed tone, “That – was the Norwegian guy.”
I looked at her blankly, trying to hide my surprise. “Really?” Now, why did that sound like a squeak?
She rolled her eyes, and smiled in an odd way. “I just totally said that in a hushed sort or way, didn’t I?,” she repeated her previous statement. “Yeah. He’s the foreign exchange student. We have four this year. Doesn’t know English very good. Better that his German girlfriend. At least I think that it’s his girlfriend….. and that she’s German… maybe French.,” she clicked her tongue, “Maybe Norwegian. I just totally don’t like know. You know?”
I blinked. “Yeah, sure.”
She sighed wistfully, then looked at me.
“Kinda hot isn’t he?”
“Um, I really haven’t seen him.” That was true. Like totally true. “And besides, didn’t you say that he had a girlfriend?”
“Well, I like said that I wasn’t so positively sure. So, yeah, I guess.”
Now I clicked my tongue.
“That is like so bad, you know?” I guess that I was in a teasing mood.
But she didn’t notice. “Yeah, totally.”
Now I sighed, but not for the reason she did. Maybe I would read a grammar book.

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