A tribute to The Shadow…

I love taking pictures of this poor fellow

I love taking pictures of this poor fellow

Now, before you even think about killing me, I recommend that you reconsider….. Please?

This “abused” fellow seen in the picture is known affectionately as my shadow. Also my friend. He and my brother are the greatest of pals (imagine one short and one tall), and our families have begun to grow very close in the past two/three years. Every time (well, alright, almost every time) we see each other, the fact that I am a good few inches shorter than he is is rubbed in thoroughly. Considering that I’m five years his senior, this must be such the great accomplishment that never gets old or saddening. So I must let him enjoy the luxury.

When told that I was planning on going to college next year, instead of the disappointment that I was positive would show, he congratulated me. He has since told me that this is saddening, but that he’s accepted the fact.

What my Shadow and his brothers (aka, one set of “the guys” at our house) see in me to be such true friends, is lost on me. I’m a nut.

But apparently, they don’t mind.

…. or they are too. : )


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