A twinkling get-together

Well. I think that it’s finally about time that I posted something on this here poor blog of mine. It’s been a long time, and if I’m going to keep one, I should be shamed that I’m not keeping up with it and going to facebook instead.

Since the last post, I’ve :

quit volunteering at the local ER
finished school
stopped piano lessons
gone to camp as a j.c. (jr. counselor)
got my driver’s license
– and a cell phone
made a huge mistake with a pair of scissors and my head
………..and spent a good day with friends : )

Hmmm….. For some reason this list makes it all seem so easy and quick. Quite the contrary. I’ve never been so busy in my life.

The last one would be the best. Starting out the time with a bike ride through town that finished at our house….. in the pouring rain. What was dreadfully embarrassing was my stupid bike that had gear problems…. ok – so I don’t know how they work, but still. Finishing out with a torch lighting ceremony… somewhat. Somewhere in there was a failed cookout, insane dressup time that involved Barney and Thumblina going to the ball, inside jokes that would come up every five minutes, and a volleyball smacking me in the stomach.

Though these words explain much, they also don’t explain anything. They don’t explain the failing and then succeeding attempts to cheer up a friend, or the fact that things nearly fell apart, or the peanut butter sandwiches, or the kitten with the man that could not figure out why – though he kept provoking the poor thing by sticking his hand in the beast’s face – the kitten kept gnawing on his fingers, the knife that shattered, and the plain foolishness of waving at people driving by.

I’ve tried. I really have, but I fear that this is almost a failed attempt to tell you what it was like.

………… then again… you may not want to know. : )

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