One can wish, but that will not change the facts…

I’ve been thinking a lot about nationality of late. Now, before you go saying, “Uh oh,” I’ll tell you what has actually been swimming around in my upper story. : )

I’m 25% British. Do I therefore grant such a country my loyalty?

Not necessarily.

When you think about it, though, I’m 100% American. What about the British? One might ask. My forefathers were British. I am not. If I wish to be there instead of here, what should immediately come into my mind?

Too bad, Jenn. You’re here. There’s nothing you can do to stop that.

One too many people have taken what our soldiers have been doing overseas for granted. I’m guilty of it too. But, when I hear myself and others say something along the lines of – I wish I were in x country. – I can’t help but wonder what they (who fight over there that we may stay here) would think.

I’ve not meant to convey any sort of nationalism to you, but a patriotism that one (as a citizen of this country) should feel.

I say this only on behalf of those who we forget to honor too often.


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