We are about to leave for a banquet. Mind you, we’re not going to be the ones eating. We’ll be serving.

My family and I have done this for the past few years. We aren’t directly associated with the establishment anymore, but are close enough. There are some couple hundred people there.

We are getting ready for a move. It seems that we are not really getting that fact.
I need to go now, and finish getting ready.

My father and brother are talking about manly things. I am ready for my mother to come home from England. : )


8 thoughts on “Musings.

  1. It has, thanks. Mom got me a CAMBRIGE UNIVERSITY t-shirt, thigh-socks, a scarf, cadbury, England’s flag on a pair of socks, and all-reigning peace in the household. :)

  2. Great, now we’ll be seeing you in ethnic dress for the next month. You wouldn’t happen to have a plaid skirt, would you?
    No, wait, that’s the wrong country.

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