Another bend in the road

Tonight was my last flute lesson. I hesitate to say that this was the end to all further instruction, but it is a strong possibility.

My teacher, who, will Lord willing, have her second baby in a month, is about to go on her leave. And I? The prospect of moving is too great to really know how things will work out.

I do not plan to give it up. Far from it, I hope to keep it up as best as I can, and possibly (someday) teach. I have my beginner’s flute tucked away for some unknown purpose. Until I figure out what that purpose is, it will continue to collect dust.

She has seen me through flute choir, camp, and many recitals.

And she never once complained. Not that she would. : )


2 thoughts on “Another bend in the road

  1. You posted this tomorrow?? Taken up time-travelling in addition to mind-reading??

    Milestones… Don’t forget to mark the calendar, if you’re at all like me, you’ll wish you had.

  2. Hey Jennifer! I found your blog… I don’t remember how I did. Anyway, you should give me flute lessons once you move out here. Seriously! You could practice on me to help with future teaching opportunities. Right now I’m sick with a head cold, and blowing air through a pipe sounds near impossible, but maybe eventually I could do it;o) Too bad you don’t know violin. I’ve always loved that instrument. Flute is lovely too though. Hope all is well with you and yours! ~Charity~

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