Chaotic Soul

I sat beneath a cloud of stars,
And wondered what might be.
I pondered the eternal wars,
That raged inside of me.
I thought of friends I never had;
Of loved ones I had wronged.
I groped about with empty hand;
Found naught for which I longed

There was an emptiness inside
I knew not how to fill.
This torture I could not abide,
But it continued still.
The sea, which once was calm as glass,
Now stormed within my heart,
Forbidding Ships of Thought to pass,
Or anchor, fast, at port.

I fought to regain Conscious’ Shore
And struggled at the Helm,
To bring back Ordinance once more,
Ere Chaos overwhelmed.
“I need help!” my lonely spirit cried,
“To bear me through the storm,
To stem confusion’s rushing tide,
And bring me, safe, back home.”


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